PNSY - Auto Skills Center

Important Information:

-Face masks required
-Chipped credit cards only, no signature required
-Credit card machine will be 6+ feet from employee
-Work space will be sanitized at the beginning /end of the day and when needed
-Doors propped open when feasible
-All lift controls and garage door controls will be cleaned/sanitized when customer is done
-Employee will operate lifts and garage doors when possible
-Cars will be placed in every other bay to keep a safe distance
-No MWR tools will be issued unless specialty tools are required. MWR Staff will clean them after use.
-Customers need to bring in their own tools.

The center focuses on do-it yourself repairs. Use one of the bays to fix your vehicle, assistance and guidance is always available while working on your own vehicle. The center offers brake services, coolant system service, tire alignment, rotation, balancing and mounting to name a few.